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  • Coronavirus: "The Parisian real estate market will not collapse"


    "A significant drop in prices is highly unlikely in the capital's luxury property market, assures the Daniel Féau group's CEO Charles-Marie Jottras.Charles-Marie Jottras, CEO of the Daniel Féau-Belles Demeures de France group, Parisian leader in luxury real estate with some 110 employees, predicts a relatively serene future for the premium Ile-de-France market.Le Point: How is the epidemic affecting your activity?Charles-Marie Jottras: People are nervous, anxious, it's a bit of a mess. Everyone is...

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  • The Parisian market for assets sold at prices in excess of 1 million euro

    The Parisian market for assets sold at prices in excess of 1 million euro


    Over 12 months, the Parisian real estate market has attained around 20 billion euro in sales, of which around 4.5 billion were for assets at prices exceeding 1 million euro. The latter represents about 3,000 sales in Paris out of a total of 37,000 sales, or some 8% of the market. Assets priced at above 2 million euro represent less than 500 transactions.The Paris luxury market is therefore a relatively narrow market. The average price per square meter in Paris has tripled in 20 years and, according...

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  • Saint-Barthélemy, luxury real estate, infinity pool

    The Renaissance

    St. Barthélemy

    Ravaged by Hurricane Irma in 2017, the island has bounced back and by the end of the year the island’s finest hotels should have reopened. A great opportunity for a holiday, or perhaps to purchase a delightful property. By Eric JansenDoes St. Barts really need any presentation? This jewel of the Caribbean, with its omnipresent nature, its twenty or so sandy beaches, it’s harbour where the most beautiful yachts are moored, and its luxurious and yet relaxed atmosphere that makes it so charming? Unquestionably,...

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  • Joseph Achkar Michel Charrière Decorators History

    Recreating the past

    Joseph Achkar and Michel Charrière

    From Place de la Concorde to the Auvergne via the Marais, these decorators undertake projects in which history is the major player. By Eric JansenFor many years they worked in the utmost discretion with only a privileged few knowing where to actually find them. In 2000, Joseph Achkar and Michel Charrière embarked upon on a colossal project: reviving the historic Hôtel de Gesvres which had become a bank’s head office... Today, the seventeenth century building seems to have survived the passing of...

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  • Cécile Verdier, Christie's France, Auction house

    A woman at the head of Christie's

    Cécile Verdier

    After ten years at Sotheby's, she has just taken over the management of Christie's France. An appointment announcing a new era. By Eric JansenWe remember her blushing with pleasure as Jacques Grange heaped effusive praise on her. It was November 2017 and the decorator had a good reason to be delighted: the sale of his collection which had been estimated at around 10 million had achieved over 28 million euro. A remarkable success which he naturally attributed to a large extent to Cécile Verdier. For...

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  • Buying in Lisbon

    It has often been said that the Portuguese capital oozes with charm and offers some exceptional real estate, and as a result prices have rocketed! There is still time to invest, but time is of the essence... By Eric Jansen

    For decades Lisbon seemed like a slightly faded city forgotten by the modern world, much like the trams that trundle along its cobblestone streets, its authentic buildings (often a little too authentic), and its churches and palaces decked with “azulejo” glazed ceramic tiles. A perfect destination for a romantic weekend no doubt, but a place to live? Surely not… However in 2013, a new government measure was applied allowing European citizens tax exemption on their income from abroad for 10 years,...

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  • The art of discretion

    Damien Langlois-Meurinne

    With their contemporary, elegant and cosy style, Damien Langlois-Meurinne’s interiors are increasingly acclaimed by an international clientele. Decoration that appeals and inspires. By Eric Jansen. Although some six months ago he moved into a superb building located near Madeleine, there is no plate indicating his name. The intercom simply bears the anonymous mention "3rd floor". Although Damien Langlois-Meurinne explains that he simply hasn’t have time to deal with details, it would seem that he...

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  • A gem at Christie's

    Violaine d’Astorg

    Since joining the jewellery department as manager in April 2018, her joy has been evident. With her passion for jewellery and their past history, sales in Paris are sure to scintillate. By Eric JansenWhen Christie's offered her the position she had not turned thirty. A tender age to take charge of a department, and especially the jewellery department. François Curiel had however rapidly assessed Violaine d'Astorg’s potential and didn’t hesitate to poach her from Osenat where she had been working...

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    PROPRIÉTÉS LE FIGARO - 02/08/2018

    Located Rue de Tournon in the 6th district of Paris, this cut stone listed building had famous celebrities as guests and owners, including the renowned French writer, Honoré de Balzac. Balzac lived here from 1827 until 1830, staying at his friend’s, Henri de Latouche, a journalist/writer/poet who briefly managed Le Figaro newspaper. Balzac’s masterpieces, including Les Chouans and La Comédie Humaine, were written during that period. Poet Victor de Laprade, who followed Alfred de Musset at the Académie...

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    SE LOGER - VINCENT CUZON - 07-27-2018

    Parisian luxury real estate is in great shape: France’s luxury real estate market has seen a noticeable turnaround. The activity is dynamic; thus sales times are reduced and prices are rising. PARISIAN LUXURY ESTATE’S MARKET IS BOOMING   According to Charles-Marie Jottras, the President of Parisian high-end property agent Daniel Féau, luxury real estate market in Paris is recovering in 2018. "The shift in France’s image abroad and the rising confidence of buyers are bringing sales volumes to...

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