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  • Real estate - An influx of bankers boosts real estate

    An influx of bankers boosts real estate

    Le Figaro - by Jorge Carasso, 08/06/2023

    The Brexit effect continues to liven up the real estate market in the capital’s prestigious neighbourhoods. Some 5,500 newcomers from the financial sector have arrived in Paris over the past few years, with major Anglo-Saxon banks such as JPMorgan, Bank Of America, Citi and Goldman Sachs strengthening their presence in Paris. And though the phenomenon has somewhat slowed down over the past few months, it has in no way stalled. In May, Morgan Stanley announced its intention to increase its workforce...

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  • September 2022: The state of the luxury real estate market

    September 2022: The state of the luxury real estate market

    Paris - Western suburbs - Provence - Saint-Tropez - Deauville - September 9th 2022

       While the evolution of the real estate market is the topic of much discussion in the media, what we are witnessing in the segments in which we operate does not always correspond with what we read and hear.We therefore felt it appropriate to once again share our observations, as we did at the end of the first quarter of 2022, by comparing the number of transactions achieved by our agencies in three price ranges (transactions at prices between 750,000 and 2 million euro, at prices between...

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  • Daniel Féau, a reference

    Daniel Féau, a reference


    A trusted partner of Christie's for over two decades, the Daniel Féau network continues to reign supreme in the luxury real estate market in France. The group’s CEO, Charles-Marie Jottras, has kindly agreed to answer our questions. Daniel Féau has now been associated with Christie's for over two decades. Could you take us back to the early days?Effectively, the Daniel Féau group celebrates this year its 25 years of collaboration with Christie's. Our Belles demeures de France agency actually sold...

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  • A resilient yet demanding market

    Le nouvel Économiste by Romain Thomas the 08/04/2022

       Buyers are still active, but hyper-selective regarding the quality of both assets and services As a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic, French buyers have replaced international clients in the luxury real estate segment in France, and particularly in Paris. Despite a significant increase in price per square meter, customers are still in the market for luxurious properties offering state-of-the-art amenities. However, owing to administrative specificities and the historical character...

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  • Parisian luxury real estate market in the context of the pandemic in 2021

    Parisian luxury real estate market in the context of the pandemic in 2021

    Market Report - Paris, December 14th 2021

      Although according to notaries the average prices per square meter in 2021 remained stable in Paris, they have increased by 3.5% in provincial towns and up to 7.5% for country houses and coastal properties. Many have suggested that Paris has fallen out of favour, and that to some extent the provinces are getting their “revenge”. Could it be that simple? Our sales in 2021 (compared to those in 2019, a record year) show a somewhat different evolution in buyer behaviour, and particularly for...

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  • 2021, a record year for real estate

    2021, a record year for real estate

    Le Monde, 4th January 2022

     In a changing market, low borrowing rates no longer compensate for rising property prices. In his economic report dated January 3rd 2022, Laurent Vimont, president of the Century 21 network whose 925 agencies concluded 50,000 transactions over the past year, observes “For the moment, the market is very active after records were broken in 2021". After an atypical year in 2020 penalized by eight weeks of lockdown, record sales indeed, close to 1.2 million and comparable to those achieved in...

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  • Jewelry - Harry Winston, the Diamond King, the King of Diamonds

    Harry Winston, the Diamond King, the King of Diamonds

      Since it was founded in 1932, this iconic American jewellery company that bears its founder’s name has been a benchmark when it comes to exceptional diamonds and stones. Known as the "King of Diamonds" and the "Jeweller for the Stars", Harry Winston was instrumental in revolutionizing fine jewellery and quality watchmaking. His innovative design philosophy was that it is the precious stone that dictates the design of every piece of jewellery, and this remains the spearhead that continues...

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  • Our new magazine Autumn-Winter 2021/2022

    Our new magazine Autumn-Winter 2021/2022

    We are glad to share the new edition of our Daniel Féau - Belles demeures de France Magazine.  Following on from our CEO’s update on the Parisian market, discover Éric Jansen’s fascinating articles on the coming Daniel Lebard collection auction at Christie’s, Jacques Grange, Apollonia Poilâne, Emmanuel Tarpin and Jean-Michel Othoniel. Then browse through our selection of superb apartments and private mansions for sale and rent, both in France and abroad. We hope you enjoy reading our magazine,...

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  • How concrete found its sensual side: the spectacular Paris home designed for showing off art

    How concrete found its sensual side: the spectacular Paris home designed for showing off art

    Financial Times - Property Listings by Elsa Court - 09/08/2021

    A rough, concrete structure combining geometric shapes and rows of small rectangular windows reminiscent of a 35mm film reel sits in the heart of Paris’s 16th arrondissement. The design would seem to be a nod to the architecture of a nearby house by Le Corbusier, but its owner, Brigitte Lecêtre, rejects the comparison.“You call this a Brutalist house?” says the retired events organiser and co-founder of the Art Paris fair. “I call it poetry.”The seven-bedroom home she designed 20 years ago with her...

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  • Karl Fournier and Olivier Marty

    Architecture that blends tradition with modernity

       Renowned for having created the Yves Saint Laurent museum in Marrakesh, the cofounders of the Studio KO agency master the art of marrying opposing styles. By Éric Jansen    They have just completed Ischia, chef Cyril Lignac’s new restaurant, having already been entrusted with his previous three addresses in the capital’s rue du Dragon. A few minutes away, in rue des Saints-Pères, they are transforming a period building into a boutique hotel. Avid diners will also know...

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