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Art Deco style


Groupama Immobilier has just finished renovating a 1930's building facing the Eiffel Tower in the capital's 16th District. It is not only particularly elegant, it also benefits from a concierge service that sets it apart. By Eric Jansen

Although Arletty lived here for many years, with the passing of time this fine building built by Louis and Georges Marnez between 1935 and 1938 nonetheless needed a serious facelift. The imposing facade set between rue Raynouard, avenue Marcel-Proust and avenue Parc-de-Passy was in a sorry state. Groupama Immobilier, who has over the past few years concentrated on luxury real estate, immediately saw the potential of this typical Art Deco ensemble located in a keenly sought-after neighbourhood, not only near renowned schools but also with many apartments enjoying views of the Eiffel Tower. The idea to renovate the ensemble was driven by Stéphanie Hansford, Groupama Immobilier's asset management director, and the project was to create family apartments while preserving the building's period elegance and charm. Architect Mathieu Ugolini of the ART QAD agency unquestionably succeeded in his mission. As soon as one enters the building the magic begins: the bright entrance hall highlights historic Art Deco elements while benefiting from an overall more contemporary style. The visitor sees through wide bay windows a wide terrace, a water feature and the Eiffel Tower...

In the apartments the same balance between comperiod charm and contemporary comfort is respected. “The floor plans and the rooms have been restructured in order to satisfy the requirements of modern families” explains Mathieu Ugolini. And this quest for perfection has gone yet further, insists Valérie Genthial, Groupama Immobilier's residential real estate manager. “A concierge service worthy of a plush hotel is available to satisfy the requirements and wishes of the building's privileged residents. Seeing the concierge service in the lobby, some may feel that they are thousands of kilometers away in New York... This not only lends a certain chic, it also needless to say gives residents a feeling of total security”. The building also benefits from a redesigned and user-friendly car park, a function room that is available for rental, a kitchen, a fitness room, a DIY workshop, and even a suite that may provide occasional accommodation for the mother in law… for example! A rare quality of services in Paris, dear nonetheless to Groupama Immobilier who are convinced that such services should be, and shall become, a must for luxury buildings. Arletty would have love dit.

29, 31 and 33 rue Raynouard Paris 16th District

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