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Greece, now is the time to buy

For many years Greece was a dream destination. Although the financial crisis in 2008 somewhat dampened enthusiasm, a decade has since passed and the charm still operates. With prices that have become particularly attractive.

The financial crisis that hit Greece dented its image as a sun-drenched paradise. Little by little, things have calmed down and the economy is gradually back on the move. This troubled period obviously seriously affected the real estate market, with prices being slashed by up to 50% compared to the boom period in 2008! Need it be said there are great deals to be made, though now is the time to move and fast for recovery is underway. Some particularly fashionable areas still experience a strong demand. This is case with Hydra, set under two hours from Piraeus, the country’s major port. A traditional holiday destination for wealthy Athenians, the island has been adopted by a wide range of decorators, gallery owners and contemporary art collectors. To acquire a magnificent period property here prices are at around 4 million euro. In another style there is of course Mykonos, the star of the Cyclades which many shun owing to its teeming tourist industry. They are no doubt unaware of the fact that much of the island remains unspoilt. This contemporary villa facing the sea and just ten minutes from the harbour is on sale for 3.5 million euro. Would you prefer something a little less lively, yet with just a hint of high society? Then head for Paros which has, for around a decade, been keenly sought-after by elegant Parisians. TV stars, writers and artists mill around little Naoussa harbour. If you are seeking peace and quiet, then Milos is for you. The island is more or less unspoilt and, despite the discovery here in 1820 of a certain Venus, is little known. For real estate specialists this is the new place to discover as soon as possible.

Greece is however not limited to the Cyclades. Drawn by its lush vegetation and part-English part-Venetian atmosphere, Corfu still attracts many visitors. The Duke of Edinburgh was born here in 1921, and Lord Jacob Rothschild has owned a vast domain since the 1970’s. Beautiful villas are to be found at between one and three million euro. For those not obsessed by the sea, the back country is well worth a visit. The Peloponnese peninsula boasts idyllic landscapes, with the ruins of Epidaurus or Olympia in the background. Further still from the beaten track, the charming Thessaly region north of Athens boasts picturesque villages and the wooded Pelion Mountain. Here an elegant property at the foot of a waterfall is currently for sale at a price of 1.4 million euro. Another option also to be taken into consideration would be to acquire a pied a terre in Athens. In the capital’s elegant Kolonaki neighbourhood, a 280 sqm penthouse is marketed at 1.7 million euro. Ideal to enjoy the historic Plaka neighbourhood’s peaceful streets, or to head off-season to the Aegean islands. There are some 6000 to visit…

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