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Propriétés le Figaro: What is your appraisal of the year 2017?

Charles-Marie Jottras - President of the Daniel Féau Group : A hitherto unseen wave of confidence seems to have swept away the wait-and-see attitude, pessimism even, of the past few years, both for our French and international clientele. The low interest rates are of course attractive but it was the election of Emmanuel Macron as President of the Republic that created a dynamic that we have not seen on the market for many years.

PlF : What have been your best sales?

C-M.J : We have achieved a record number of sales at prices exceeding 4 million euro. The market for properties priced at over 10 million euro has also been active, for example a magnificent property in Neuilly sold for over 18 million euro.

PlF : How are prices evolving?

C-M.J : For our sales in Paris, the average price per sqm in 2017 was 13 301 euro/m², an increase of 6,82 % compared to 2016. Several of our top-of-the-range sales were concluded at prices in excess of 27 000 euro/sqm. The market for 1 to 2,5 million euro apartments has however remained the most fluid.

PlF : What are the major trends?

C-M.J : The activity of our French-resident clientele has been matched by foreign buyers, once again purchasing luxury real estate in France: in 2017 their acquisitions represented 42% of our sales at prices exceeding 4 million euro, in comparison with 26% in 2016. These buyers are principally from the Middle East, Europe and the USA. American clients have doubled compared to 2016. The Asian clientele, while limited, benefits from significant budgets. Russians have practically disappeared. We have never witnessed such strong sales in Paris and the western suburbs to French nationals living abroad as we observed in 2017. These buyers are mostly coming from London and Brussels; Switzerland and Asia share the remainder of countries of origin. All of these French nationals coming come have been attracted by an encouraging attitude to investment and business, illustrated by the drop in capital taxation. Taking into consideration that the offer is limited, notably due to non-existent new build in Paris or Neuilly, we would consider that an acquisition in either will increase in value over the medium and long term.

PlF : How is 2018 shaping up ?

C-M.J : 2018 should prolong, while perhaps attenuating, the trend observed in 2017. We do not envisage that the creation of the IFI will have major consequences; the greatest impact will essentially be a reduction in the private rental stock.

Translate by Simon Goodman.

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